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Partial Differential Equations and Functional Analysis

Instructor: Prof. Dr. Stefan Müller

Assistant: Richard Schubert


Here is a short overwiev of what kind of topics the lecture is concerned with.


Wednesday, 10.15-12.00, kleiner Hörsaal

Friday, 8.15-10.00, kleiner Hörsaal



  • Tutorials start in the second week
  • The distribution to the tutorial groups takes place in the first lecture
  • Exercise sheets will be distributed each friday in the lecture and will be made available on this site. The solutions shall generally be handed in the following friday during the lecture.The due dates will be marked on the exercise sheets.
  • Please note the name of your tutor on your solution
  • You can hand in solutions in groups of at most two
  • In order to be admitted for the exam you have to score at least 50% of the achievable points in the homework

Lecture notes

Notes (last update 02.02.2018)

Notes from Analysis 3

Exercise sheets

sheet 0 (was done in the first tutorials)

sheet 1 (due 20.10.2017)

sheet 2 (due 27.10.2017)

sheet 3 (due 03.11.2017)

sheet 4 (due 10.11.2017)

sheet 5 (due 17.11.2017)

sheet 6 (due 24.11.2017)

sheet 7 (due 01.12.2017)

sheet 8 (due 08.12.2017)

sheet 9 (due 15.12.2017)

sheet 10 (due 22.12.2017)

sheet 11 (due 12.01.2018)

sheet 12 (due 19.01.2018)

sheet 13 (due 26.01.2018)

sheet 14 (added boundedness of U in problem 3 on 30.01.2018)


First exam: Thursday, 15.02.2018, 13.00-15.00

Second exam: Tuesday, 20.03.2018, 13.00-15.00

Information regarding the second exam





Die ehemalige Doktorandin am IAM, Lisa Hartung (aktuell: Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York), wurde für ihre herausragende Doktorarbeit "Extremal Processes in Branching Brownian Motion and Friends" (Betreuer: Prof. Bovier) mit dem Förderpreis der DMV-Fachgruppe Stochastik ausgezeichnet. Details hier. (14.03.2018)

Prof.  Patrik Ferrari erhält den ersten Alexandros Award zusammen mit Ivan Corwin (Columbia University) und Alexei Borodin (MIT) für den Artikel "Free energy fluctuations for directed polymers in random media in 1+1 dimensions".
Details siehe hier. (12.03.2018)

Frau Dr. Martina Vera Baar erhält den Hausdorff-Gedächtnispreis für die beste Dissertation des akademischen Jahres 2016/17 (Betreuer: Prof. Dr. A. Bovier, IAM). (Pressemitteilung, 24.01.2018)


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