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Global regularity of integral 2-varifolds with square integrable mean curvature

[13] Ulrich Menne and Christian Scharrer
A priori bounds for geodesic diameter. Part III.
A Sobolev-Poincaré inequality and applications to a variety of geometric variational problems


[12] Christian Scharrer and Alexander West
On the minimization of the Willmore energy under a constraint on total mean curvature and area

[11] Christian Scharrer
Properties of surfaces with spontaneous curvature

[10] Marius Müller, Fabian Rupp, and Christian Scharrer
Short closed geodesics and the Willmore energy

[9] Ulrich Menne and Christian Scharrer
A priori bounds for geodesic diameter. Part II. 
Fine connectedness properties of varifolds



[8] Ulrich Menne and Christian Scharrer
A priori bounds for geodesic diameter. Part I. 
Integral chains with coefficients in a complete normed commutative group

Rev. Mat. Iberoam. (to appear)

[7] Marco Flaim and Christian Scharrer
Diameter estimates for surfaces in conformally flat spaces
Manuscripta Math. (2024)

[6] Fabian Rupp and Christian Scharrer 
Li-Yau inequalities for the Helfrich functional and applications
Calc. Var. Partial Differential Equations (2023)

[5] Christian Scharrer
Embedded Delaunay tori and their Willmore energy 
Nonlinear Anal. (2022)

[4] Christian Scharrer 
Some geometric inequalities for varifolds on Riemannian manifolds based on monotonicity identities
Ann. Global Anal. Geom. (2022) 

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A strict inequality for the minimisation of the Willmore functional under isoperimetric constraint 
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Existence and Regularity of Spheres Minimising the Canham-Helfrich Energy 
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An isoperimetric inequality for diffused surfaces 
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[T2] On the minimisation of bending energies related to the Willmore functional under constraints on area and volume
PhD thesis supervised by Andrea Mondino, University of Warwick, 2021 
Examiners: Tristan Rivière and Peter Topping

[T1] Relating diameter and mean curvature for varifolds 
MSc thesis supervised by Ulrich Menne, University of Potsdam, 2016

Lecture notes

[L1] Geometric inequalities
University of Bonn, winter term 2022/2023

Seminar notes

[S1] Geometric analysis 
Univeristy of Bonn, summer term 2024



Prof. Dr. Lisa Sauermann has been honored with the von Kaven Award 2023 for her outstanding scientific achievements. (16.11.2023)

Prof. Dr. Angkana Rüland has been awarded a New Horizons in Mathematics Prize 2024 for her contributions to applied analysis:

Prof. Dr. Angkana Rüland has been awarded the Calderon Prize that is awarded every two years by the Inverse Problems International Association: (06.09.2023)

Prof. Dr. Karl-Theodor Sturm has been elected into the Academia Europaea. (28.06.2022)

Florian Schweiger erhielt den Hausdorff-Gedächtnispreis 2021 der Fachgruppe Mathematik für die beste Dissertation. Er fertigte die Dissertation unter der Betreuung von Prof. Stefan Müller an. Unter anderen wurde Vanessa Ryborz mit einem Preis der Bonner Mathematischen Gesellschaft für ihre von Prof. Sergio Conti betreute Bachelorarbeit ausgezeichnet. (18.01.2022)

Prof. Dr. Sergio Albeverio has been elected into the Academia Europaea and the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei (more; 02.12.2021).


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