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I am a PostDoc in the research group of Prof. Dr. Juan J. L. Velázquez. You can find my detailed CV here.



  1.  A Diffusion Limit for a Test Particle in a Random Distribution of Scatterers                                                           G. Basile, A. Nota and M. Pulvirenti                                                                                                                    J. Stat. Phys. Vol.155,  Issue 6, pp. 1087-1111 (2014)[article]                         
  2.  Derivation of the Fick's Law for the Lorentz Model in a low density regime                                                           G. Basile, A. Nota, F. Pezzotti and M. Pulvirenti                                                                                        Commun. Math. Phys.Vol.336, Issue 3, pp. 1607-1636 (2015) [article]
  3.  Diffusive limit for the random Lorentz gas                                                                                                           A. Nota                                                                                                                                                           From Particle Systems to Partial Differential Equations II, Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics  Vol.129, pp.273-292  (2015) [article]     
  4. Derivation of the linear Landau equation and linear Boltzmann equation from the Lorentz model with magnetic field  M. Marcozzi, A. Nota                                                                                                                                    J. Stat. Phys.Vol. 162, pp. 1539-1565 (2016) [article]
  5. Summability of connected correlation functions of coupled lattice fields                                                              J. Lukkarinen, M. Marcozzi, A. Nota                                                                                                                     J. Stat. Phys.Vol. 171 (2), pp. 189-206 (2018) [preprint]
  6. Harmonic chain with velocity flips: thermalization and kinetic theory                                                     
     J. Lukkarinen, M. Marcozzi, A. Nota                                                                                                                     J. Stat. Phys. Vol. 165 (5), pp 809-844 (2016) [article]
  7. On the growth of a particle coalescing in a Poisson distribution of obstacles
    A. Nota, J.J.L. Velázquez                                                                                                                        Commun. Math. Phys. Vol. 354 (3), pp. 957-1013 (2017) [article]
  8. On the theory of Lorentz gases with long range interactions                                                                                A. Nota, S. Simonella, J.J.L. Velázquez                                                                                                            Rev. Math. Phys. (2018)    
  9. Self-similar asymptotic behavior for the solutions of a linear coagulation equation                                               B. Niethammer, A. Nota, S. Throm, J.J.L. Velázquez
    J. Differential
  10. Self-similar profiles for homoenergetic solutions of the Boltzmann equation: particle velocity distribution and entropy                                                                                                                                                                  R. D. James, A. Nota, J.J.L. Velázquez                                                                                                                Arch. Rational Mech. Anal.
  11. Long time asymptotics for homoenergetic solutions of the Boltzmann equation. Collision-dominated case      R. D. James, A. Nota, J.J.L. Velázquez                                                                                                               Journal of Nonlinear Science Vol. 29, pp.1943–1973 (2019)
  12. Kinetic description of a Rayleigh Gas with annihilation                                                                                        A. Nota, R. Winter, B. Lods                                                                                                                                  J. Stat. Phys. Vol. 176,pp.1434–1462 (2019)
  13. A Kac model for annihilation of particle                                                                                                               Bertrand Lods, Alessia Nota, Federica Pezzotti                                                                                                    J. Nonlinear Sci. (2020) 
  14. Long time asymptotics for homoenergetic solutions of the Boltzmann equation. Hyperbolic-dominated case    Richard D. James, Alessia Nota, Juan J.L. Velàzquez                                                                                          To appear in Nonlinearity (2020)  arXiv:1906.08816



  1. Fick's Law for the Lorentz Model in a weak coupling regime                                                                                 A. Nota                                                                                                                                               arXiv:1411.6474 [preprint]

Current Teachings

  • Summer Term 2020: The rigorous mathematical approach to Kinetic Theory of Gases and Plasmas.   Selected Topics in PDE and Mathematical Models (V5B4)         Dr. A. Nota   
  • Summer Term 2016: Scaling limits for particle systems.                                                                        Graduate Seminar on Analysis (S4B1)         Prof. Dr. J. J. L. Velázquez, Dr. A. Nota
  • Winter Term 2016: Spectral Theory in Quantum Mechanics.                                                                    Graduate Seminar on Analysis (S4B1)        Prof. Dr. J. J. L. Velázquez, Dr. A. Nota                                  
  • Winter Term 2017: On the Mathematical Theory of Landau Damping.                                                    Graduate Seminar on Analysis (S4B1)        Prof. Dr. J. J. L. Velázquez, Dr. A. Nota



Young Women in Mathematical Physics

Bonn, 24 - 26 September 2018


Lorentz Gas Dynamics: particle systems and scaling limits

Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach

3-9  March , 2019


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Prof. Dr. Andreas Eberle erhält den diesjährigen Lehrpreis der Universität Bonn. (22.07.2020)

Herr Dr. Richard Höfer erhielt den Hausdorff-Gedächtnispreis 2019 der Fachgruppe Mathematik für die beste Disseration. Betreut wurde die Arbeit von Prof. J. Velázquez (29.01.2020).

Einer der Preise der Bonner Mathematischen Gesellschaft (BMG) für die besten Bachelorarbeiten 2019 ging an Herrn Peter Holderrieth unter der Betreuung von Prof. A. Eberle (29.01.2020).

Frau Dr. Beate Doerffel hat einen Lehrpreis der Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät 2019 erhalten (05.12.2019).

Den Hausdorff Memorial Prize für die beste PhD-Arbeit 2018 der Fachgruppe Mathematik erhielt Frau Eva Kopfer aus der Stochastischen Analysis (Prof. Dr. T. Sturm). (26.01.2019)


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