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For participants receiving full financial support

We reserved rooms for you at

Hotel Mozart
Mozartstrasse 1
53115 Bonn

The hotel is very small, we are not able to provide a single room for everybody. Single rooms are distributed on first come - first serve basis.

The rooms are reserved from Wednesday, May 9th to Saturday, May 12th. We cannot cover the costs of an extra night.

If you plan to stay longer, you should contact the hotel directly, we can not make the reservation of the extra nights for you.

As a matter of respect for the speakers of Saturday, please try to find a train/flight at saturday evening.

For all other participants

Here is a list of several hotels in walking distance to the maths department (Endenicher Allee 60, 53115 Bonn), where the conference is held.

Please understand that we cannot offer hotel booking services.

Two hotels very close to Bonn Hauptbahnhof:

Hotel Kurfürstenhof
Baumschulallee 20
53115 Bonn

Hotel Villa Esplanade
Colmantstraße 47
53115 Bonn

Hotels in Poppelsdorf, a lovely and quiet part of Bonn:

(still in walking distance to the conference location)

Hotel Krug
Sternenburgstrasse 15
53115 Bonn

Cheap accommodation

(Price: 20 - 33 EUR per night, depending on desired comfort and availability)

Max Hostel
(walking distance, close to the city center)
Maxstrasse 7
53111 Bonn

Jugendherberge Bonn
(on Venusberg, not in walking distance)
Sternenburgstrasse 15
53115 Bonn


Prof. Stefan Müller has been elected as Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences (15.10.2018).

Prof. Sergio Albeverio was awarded on 28/09/2018 the title Doctor Honoris Causa
at the Dept. of Mathematics, Stockholm University. (08.10.2018)

Prof. Jens Frehse (em.) hat die Golden Commemorative Medal der Fakultät für Mathematik und Physik der Karls-Universität Prag erhalten für sein außerordentliches wissenschaftliches Lebenswerk sowie für seine bedeutenden Beiträge zur Analysis Partieller Differentialgleichungen. (01.06.2018)

Die ehemalige Doktorandin am IAM, Lisa Hartung (aktuell: Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York), wurde für ihre herausragende Doktorarbeit "Extremal Processes in Branching Brownian Motion and Friends" (Betreuer: Prof. Bovier) mit dem Förderpreis der DMV-Fachgruppe Stochastik ausgezeichnet. Details hier. (14.03.2018)

Prof.  Patrik Ferrari erhält den ersten Alexandros Award zusammen mit Ivan Corwin (Columbia University) und Alexei Borodin (MIT) für den Artikel "Free energy fluctuations for directed polymers in random media in 1+1 dimensions".
Details siehe hier. (12.03.2018)


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