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Prof. Dr. Margherita Disertori

Institut für Angewandte Mathematik &
Hausdorff Center for Mathematics 
Endenicher Allee 60
D-53115 Bonn

Tel: +49 228 73 3796
Room:  4.045
E-mail: disertori(at)

Research Interests: mathematical physics

My research domain lays at the boundary between physics and mathematics. On one
hand the problems I study are generally inspired by physics (mainly condensed matter
physics and equilibrium statistical mechanics) and many of the techniques I use are
imported from physics too. On the other hand my job is to transform these techniques
into rigorous mathematical proofs. For that purpose I use a mixture of analytical
and algebraic tools: complex analysis and saddle point methods, multiscale analysis,
cluster and contour expansions for functions of many variables, functional analysis on
Grassman algebras, harmonic analysis on surfaces.


Main research lines:

  • Quantum diffusion and random walk in a random environment
  • Random matrices for disordered conductors
  • Order/disorder transitions in classical statistical mechanics systems
  • Constructive renormalization for interactiong fermions
  • Non commutative quantum field theory



Forthcoming Events: 


Past Events:

  • 6.12.2017 Antrittsvorlesung (Dies Academicus)
  • October 4-8 2016: "The Mathematics of Disorder" : a Young Women Academy (4-6 October) followed by the workshop Young Women in Probability and Analysis (6-8 October), at the Institute for Applied Mathematics, University of Bonn, Germany. Organizers:Margherita Disertori and Constanza Rojas-Molina


Prof. Dr. S. Müller erhält den diesjährigen Lehrpreis der Universität Bonn (07.07.17).

Prof. Dr. Michael Ortiz kommt als Bonn Research Chair ans IAM (Pressemitteilung, 29.7.2016).

Prof. Dr. S. Conti erhält den diesjährigen Lehrpreis der Universität Bonn (05.07.2016).

Prof. Dr. Karl-Theodor Sturm, Koordinator des Hausdorff Zentrums für Mathematik an der Universität Bonn, erhält für seine eigene Forschung einen begehrten Advanced Grant des Europäischen Forschungsrats (ERC). (Pressemitteilung 21.04.2016)


Managing Director: Prof. Dr. Anton Bovier
Chief Administrator: Dr. B. Doerffel

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Institute for Applied Mathematics
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