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Preisträger des Hausdorff-Gedächtnispreises 2014/15 für die beste Dissertation ist

  • Dr. Robert Anselm Kucharczyk

Conferences and workshops

Festkolloquium aus Anlass des 60. Geburtstages von Prof. Dr. Anton Bovier

15. Dec 2017, 14:00 - 18:00
Hörsaal 2, Campus Poppelsdorf, Endenicher Allee 19C, Bonn

Past conferences and workshops

The Mathematics of Disorder

04–08 Oct 2016
Organizers: Margherita Disertori and Constanza Rojas-Molina

Analysis and computation of microstructure in finite plasticity

04.-05. May 2015
Organizers: Sergio Conti (Bonn), Klaus Hackl (Bochum), Stefan Müller (Bonn)

New Trends in Optimal Transport

02.-06. March 2015
Nicola Gigli (Paris VI), Arnaud Guillin (Clermont-Ferrand), Jan Maas (IST Austria), Karl-Theodor Sturm (Bonn)

Young Women in Probability

26.-28. May 2014
Loren Coquille, Janna Lierl

Young Women in PDE

10.-12. May 2012
Lisa Beck, Carina Geldhauser, Caterina Zeppieri

Random Matrices

29. May - 01. June 2012
Holger Rauhut, Patrik Ferrari, Benjamin Schlein

5th International Conference on Stochastic Analysis and Its Applications

05.-09. September 2011
Karl-Theodor Sturm (Chairman)

SPP 1239 Focus Meeting A: Magnetic Shape Memory - Fundamentals

29.-30. October 2009, Bonn
Sergio Conti, Martin Lenz, Martin Rumpf

Mathematical Biology

06.-08. October 2009
Anton Bovier, Wolfgang Alt, Stefan Müller (Bonn), Angela Stevens (Heidelberg)

Mathematical Models from Physics and Biology

02.-04. April 2009
Anton Bovier

Multimat Closing Conference

10.-12. September 2008
Felix Otto and Antonio Capella Kort


Prof. Dr. S. Müller erhält den diesjährigen Lehrpreis der Universität Bonn (07.07.17).

Prof. Dr. Michael Ortiz kommt als Bonn Research Chair ans IAM (Pressemitteilung, 29.7.2016).

Prof. Dr. S. Conti erhält den diesjährigen Lehrpreis der Universität Bonn (05.07.2016).

Prof. Dr. Karl-Theodor Sturm, Koordinator des Hausdorff Zentrums für Mathematik an der Universität Bonn, erhält für seine eigene Forschung einen begehrten Advanced Grant des Europäischen Forschungsrats (ERC). (Pressemitteilung 21.04.2016)

Prof. Dr. Stefan Müller has been invited to become full member of the scientific society “Academia Europaea” in November. Only European scientists, who have been recommended by a review board and are confirmed by a vote of the council, can join the society. (06.01.2016)


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Chief Administrator: Dr. B. Doerffel

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