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Functional Analysis

Geometric Measure Theory in Applications

Winter 2012/2013
Graduate Seminar on Analysis S4B1
M. Helmers

Seminar sessions Tuesday 14-16 in room 2.040 (Endenicher Allee 60).


Many tools in geometric measure theory (GMT) have been developed to generalise the notion of a smooth surface in order to deal with Plateau's problem of finding surfaces of minimal area. More generally, GMT studies geometric properties of sets, measures, and generalised surfaces; its methods have proved useful in many areas of mathematics including Geometry, Calculus of Variations, PDEs, and their applications. An overview of the subject can be found in the Encyclopedia of Mathematics [1].

In the seminar, we will study rectifiable sets, currents, and varifolds. The focus will be on varifolds and their application to problems involving curvature such as the Willmore energy, mean curvature flow, models for phase transitions, or the Helfrich bending energy of biological membranes.


Basic knowledge of measure theory (measures, integration, convergence theorems) is essential, knowledge of submanifolds in the Euclidean space is nice but not necessary.


Interested students please contact me by email. A preliminary meeting to finalise arrangements will be held end of September or early in October.


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