Prof. Velázquez

Research Interests

My research area is the study of partial differential equations, my particular interest concerns the analysis of problems motivated by applications in Physics and Biology. In particular, I am interested in the study of models of cellular aggregation induced by chemotaxis. In recent times I became interested in the study of aggregation of biological organisms induced by nondiffusive cell to cell interactions.

I am also interested in the study of kinetic equations with particle fluxes between the different regions of the phase space characterizing the system.

Academic Career and Awards

1990PhD in Mathematics, Universidad Complutense, Madrid
1991–1992Postdoctoral stay, IMA, University of Minnesota
1992–1997Associate Professor at the Applied Mathematics Department, Universidad Complutense, Madrid
1997–2008Full Professor at the Applied Mathematics Department, Universidad Complutense, Madrid
2008–2011Research Professor at Instituto de Ciencias Matematicas, CSIC, Madrid
2011–Full Professor (W3), Bonn

Special Award

2005A. v. Humboldt-J. C. Mutis Research Award (Alexander von Humbouldt Foundation)

Selected invited Lectures

1999Keynote speaker in the Equadiff Congress, Berlin
2006PDE session of the International Congress of Mathematicians (Madrid)
2007Keynote speaker in the Equadiff Congress, Vienna


Selected Publications


Den Hausdorff Memorial Prize für die beste PhD-Arbeit 2018 der Fachgruppe Mathematik erhielt Frau Eva Kopfer aus der Stochastischen Analysis (Prof. Dr. T. Sturm). (26.01.2019)

Einen der BMG-Bachelor-Preise 2018 für die beste Bachelor-Arbeit hat Herr Adrian Riekert für seine Arbeit "Statistical Mechanics of a Two-Dimensional Inviscid Fluid" bei Prof. Dr. M. Gubinelli erhalten. (23.01.2019)

Frau Dr. Antje Kiesel hat mit zwei weiteren Partnern einen Lehr-Sonderpreis der Fakultät 2018 für das e-learning Projekt "Fit4Math" erhalten.

The Department of Mathematics and the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics of the University of Bonn mourn over Prof. Dr. Kazumasa Kuwada. (more)

The Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) has awarded Professor Michael Ortiz a Doctorate Honoris Causa (honorary doctorate). (10.12.2018)

Prof. Stefan Müller has been elected as Fellow of the European Academy of Sciences (15.10.2018).

Prof. Sergio Albeverio was awarded on 28/09/2018 the title Doctor Honoris Causa
at the Dept. of Mathematics, Stockholm University. (08.10.2018)


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