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Summer Term 2015

V5B2 - Selected Topics in Analysis and PDE


IMPORTANT: Additional lecture on 29th June 12-14, SR 0.008!


Lecturer: Flaviana Iurlano


Location: Wednesday 12-14, room MATH / SemR 0.011


Period: April 8 - July 15




Part I: BV-functions

  • Vector valued Radon measures and weak convergence
  • Definition and properties of BV (semicontinuity of the total variation, embedding theorems, approximation by smooth functions, trace on the boundary)
  • Sets with finite perimeter and Hausdorff measure
  • Coarea formula
  • Fine properties of BV-functions and structure of the gradient
  • Slicing
  • The space SBV, compactness and lower semicontinuity theorem in SBV

Part II: Applications

  • Gradient theory of phase transitions
  • Approximation of the Mumford-Shah functional for image segmentation
  • Convergence of damage models to fracture models


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  2. L.C. Evans, R.F. Gariepy, Measure theory and fine properties of functions, CRC Press
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  7. S. Conti, M. Focardi, F. Iurlano, Phase field approximation of cohesive fracture models, AIHP (2015)

Oral examination:   20/07/2015 and 21/09/2015. Please send an email to iurlano(at) to register.






    Prof. Dr. S. Müller erhält den diesjährigen Lehrpreis der Universität Bonn (07.07.17).

    Prof. Dr. Michael Ortiz kommt als Bonn Research Chair ans IAM (Pressemitteilung, 29.7.2016).

    Prof. Dr. S. Conti erhält den diesjährigen Lehrpreis der Universität Bonn (05.07.2016).

    Prof. Dr. Karl-Theodor Sturm, Koordinator des Hausdorff Zentrums für Mathematik an der Universität Bonn, erhält für seine eigene Forschung einen begehrten Advanced Grant des Europäischen Forschungsrats (ERC). (Pressemitteilung 21.04.2016)

    Prof. Dr. Stefan Müller has been invited to become full member of the scientific society “Academia Europaea” in November. Only European scientists, who have been recommended by a review board and are confirmed by a vote of the council, can join the society. (06.01.2016)


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